Bath-Romney Campaign Historical and Preservation Association

Who We Are

 Organizational Mission and Purpose

 On April 21, 2007, “The 1862 Bath-Romney Campaign Historical and Preservation Association” was created with the mission to

 … to further the research, study, and interpretation of the events, sites, structures, and people associated with the 1862 Bath-Romney Campaign for the education of this and future generations.

 The purpose of this organization is to support the mission in the following ways (and in no particular order):

 1)  by continuing research and study of the Campaign

 2)  by providing a forum that encourages an ongoing exchange of ideas and dialog

 3)  educating the public by organizing and hosting living history events and other educational forums

 4) by documenting associated sites, structures, and artifacts

 5) to assist in preserving and interpreting those sites, structures, and artifacts


 Organizational & Event History

 Over the last several years, different individuals and historical organizations have been commemorating the 1862 Bath-Romney Campaign in many different ways.

 The 5th Virginia, based out of Morgan County, Virginia, began commemorating the campaign several years ago at Jackson’s HQ at Unger’s Crossroads. In 2005, the 5th Virginia proudly dedicated a new headstone for private William Henry Harrison Lowe of the 1st Georgia, the only casualty whose final resting place can be documented along the route of the campaign.

 Meanwhile, members of the 9th Virginia had begun their own commemorative activities, including winter encampments, picket posts, and driving tours. Finally, in late 2005, both of these units discovered one another and united in common cause, combining their commemorations in January, 2006.

 Out of this chance meeting and spirit of cooperation, an idea, which had germinated separately in the minds of members of both units, finally found expression in the form of a new organization.